What to wear where?

The media is all aghast about people seen wearing their pajamas out in public (particularly in Gisborne) it would appear!  This got me thinking about how we dress and what we should wear to certain occasions. Are we so casual in our attire these days, that it doesn’t matter what we wear anywhere?

Casual Friday’s were seen to change our image in regards to dressing for work?  All of a sudden people appeared to throw away the suit for ‘smart casual’ (whatever that might be).  The days of wearing suit and tie were gone to be replaced by ‘dress jeans’ and a shirt!!!

Incidentially, I went to a wedding in the weekend which was just beautiful. The bride (who arrived on a tractor) looked amazing in a full-length beaded off-white dress and her bridesmaids looked lovely (in full-length purple dresses). It was a beautiful day.  However, I did notice guests in jeans?  Does it matter what we wear where?  For me going to a wedding means dressing formally and respecting the occasion. I wore a long dress and coat from Zambesi.  My partner wore a suit from Kenzo and a dress-shirt.  We both looked smart.

Bride and her Tractor

However, should we provide a dress code for certain occasions, so people know what the standard of dress is, or really does it matter.

My opinion is that pajamas shouldn’t be seen leaving the front door and jeans for me, shouldn’t be worn to a wedding – but that’s just me.

Yellow Tulip

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2 Comments on What to wear where?

  1. I agree. Jeans shouldn’t be worn to weddings – or, for that matter, funerals! Just my humble opinion 🙂

  2. What was the story about pyjamas in Gisborne? I am all in favour of wearing them everywhere, as I’m a comfort kind of gal. They are a winter essential, but in summer I prefer to wander around the house au naturel – though I do have to avoid windows or I scare the neighbours. I’d love a wedding on a beach – so you will all have to wear your formal bikinis. 🙂

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