Lisbon Fashion Delights

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Just back from visiting Lisbon in Portugal – loved it and found a fantastic local designer  Ana Salazar, where I spent a delightful time trying on her extensive clothing range and ended up buying a great black tailored jacket with detachable zip collar.  There was a lot to like about her designs, due I think to her palate of dark more muted colours and the deconstructed cut of many of her pants and skirts.  Her shoes looked similar to Costume National and her jewellery range was a mix of perspex with some long chain necklaces and leather satchel bags.  As I had taken the smallest suitcase known to man on holiday – there was very little I was going to be able to take back with me.

Given the temperate climate, I thought the fabric choices for many of the stores was baffling, with way too much polyester for my liking.  I did buy 2 cotton tops from Zara (made in Portugal I might add).   Wide palazzo pants and all-in-one jumpsuits were very popular with the locals (worn with a wide belt).    Colour was abundant everywhere – a recurring theme in the stores was the bohemian/peasant look which wasn’t really my style and the more standard tee-shirt designs tended to come mainly in polyester so wasn’t keen to go there.

I did purchase a couple of pair of shoes from local store Eureka all designed and made predominantly in Portugal.  You couldn’t find a stiletto or pointed high-heeled shoe anywhere, as with all the streets cobbled a wedge or flat shoe is compulsory footwear.

I would have to say the Police in Portugal have the best Police uniforms I have ever seen.  Traditional dark blue fitted trousers and short-sleeved buttoned shirts with doc-martin type boots (fairly standard police attire I hear you say).  However, what I think helped their cause was the fact they were all tanned, tall and had excellent physiques, not to mention very little understanding of English!!   You may be wondering how I know this, well I got very lost while in Lisbon and spent some time in the Police Station waiting to be rescued.

The architecture, cathedrals and museums are well worth a visit.  The beautiful mosaic lined streets and buildings make for such a pretty city.  4 days doesn’t do Lisbon justice so hopefully I can return some day.


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7 Comments on Lisbon Fashion Delights

  1. Your tripping around sounds amazing Yellow Tulip, and i love the sound of the fashion differences in Europe..
    Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. Your photos are very good too! Love the yellow shoes in Portugal!

  2. Looking forward to hearing more about the police station saga!
    Pleased you had a great time in Portugal – unfortunately we have not made it to Portugal yet – one day. You have taken some lovely photos.

  3. awesome photos – you should be a full time travelling fashion blogger! do you have a photo of any police? They sound delightful. photo of jacket please. it was really interesting seeing Portugal through fashion eyes.

  4. I LOVE the yellow shoes too and I’m enjoying your take on European fashion. Fab x

  5. Hi Helen

    Sounds like you are having a fab time. I love those YELLOW shoes!!!


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