The Sari & I

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I was privileged enough to get an invitation to an Indian engagement party which called for traditional dress. Off I went with my learned neighbour to visit roop darshan (Soul of Indian Fashion) in Mt Roskill.  I had no idea there were so many choices and styles, and of course the first one that catches my eye is a lovely sari in the window, which just happens to be part of a designer range.  After trying on a few, I settle for a beautiful dark blue/pink/purple and silver combination which just happens to be on sale; purchase some jewellery and matching bindi and my look is complete. That it would appear was the easy part!!

Getting dressed and staying put-together was a challenge for me. Firstly, you need to have all the layers under the sari really tight to keep the sari on the body (similar to wearing a corset I think) and I do walk with purpose i.e. no small dainty steps for me!! After a few false starts and malfunctions with the petticoat and my sari pleating – not to mention squeezing into the oh-so-tight top I was ready.

My friend and I looked lovely – however there was trepidation at the thought of us and our sari’s hitting the dance floor and unravelling. We participated as best we could with our own version of ‘Indian dancing’ (seeing is believing), and were pleased to see that we were both still in one piece at the end of it. The MC looked like he had come straight out of a Bollywood movie with his slicked-back dark hair and purple kurta and kept us all entertained with his great sense of humour and Indian jokes.  At one stage, a lovely lady in a beautiful traditional yellow sari saved me from a sari malfunction. I was so grateful.

Although not a lover of Indian food – the aromas were very tempting and everyone looked to enjoy the meal provided (many going back for second helpings). It was very much a family affair and indeed a privilege and honour to be invited to such a colourful evening.  Lots of fun and laughter was had by all and I like many, will be looking forward to the wedding next.

Yellow Tulip

ps. anyone have any idea how long a sari is?  I was told approximately 6 metres (no wonder I was having problems).

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7 Comments on The Sari & I

  1. This looks like an amazing experience… How magical was it to step out of reality for a second? Like the look!

  2. saris look like someone crossed a corset with a butterfly! do you have to buy a new one to wear at the wedding or can you wear Western clothes?

    • Given the formal dress for the engagement – would definitely look to wear a sari for the wedding. It is not often you would get such a chance.
      I may even go for a different type of sari this time, rather than the traditional style worn for the engagement.

  3. I love your Blogs Yellow Tulip, they are fun!

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