‘Apple’ and ‘Chanel’

Hopefully you may get a little break over Christmas and New Year to do a bit of reading, so here are a couple of recommendations from Yellow Tulip.

Firstly the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is top of my list.  From his ‘adoption’ to his ‘amazing vision’ for the ‘Apple‘ brand – it is truly a story that has been waiting to be told.  The world will truly miss his creative genius and reading this book just goes a little way to understanding all that Steve Jobs was and the legacy that will live on.  The book is a healthy 571 pages long and definitely requires some stamina to hold the book up, while reading it …. however don’t let its size put you off.

There is an alternative of course … to start downloading books onto my iPad or iPhone.  I have decided that I probably don’t need to purchase a Kindle or similar but would be interested to know how many of you still buy books and/or have been converted to the paperless electronic version.

My second book is Chanel – An Intimate Life by Lisa Chaney.  I had read a write-up of this book in the NZ Herald recently, which came highly recommended.  This book is touted as being different in regards to many other books written about Chanel in that it “explores the origins, the creative power and the secret suffering of this exceptional and often misread woman.  Movingly, it paints a deeper and darker picture of Chanel than any so far.”  Having read more books than I can count, on the subject of Chanel – this one did provide some new insights into many of the rumours Chanel was associated with.  Not one to give too much away, at 443 pages I would have appreciated a few more photos – but a definite read for any fashion lover, particularly of Chanel.  She most certainly was a ‘woman of style’.

Happy New Year to Everyone …

Yellow Tulip

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2 Comments on ‘Apple’ and ‘Chanel’

  1. Amazing how Chanel continues to fascinate. She is the reason I buy fake tan – after all, it was her that made tans fashionable for the rich! I also think one authentic Chanel handbag in the wardrobe is worth 20 fakes in the shops…I’m also grateful to Steve Jobs for pretty fonts – it was his taking of a caligraphy class that led us to sans serif etc. Two icons, to be sure. Enjoying the blog, keep it up.

    • The various stories of Chanel published indeed paint the picture of a lady who was ahead of her time in her fashion sense and timing. She has a loyal following for sure and a Chanel handbag is to be admired and cherished. The Steve Jobs book equally was an inspiration read of a talented man.

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