“When is too Old” … the holiday wardrobe hit list and all that is great about Thailand

What is it about holidays that propels us to buy things that we would never dream of buying back home?  I’m not talking about the necessary souvenirs and trinkets that remind us of holidays past, I’m talking abut the idea that entered my head to buy an ‘all in one jump suit’. Before we go any further, let me clarify (I’m talking about the shorts and top version), not the pant suit one.  I would never consider buying such an item as this back home.  What is wrong with me?  My friend travelling with me is quick to point out that I am ‘way too old and bound to never wear it once leave the shores of Phuket’.  I think there is some truth in what she is saying.  When is ‘old’ too old? Needless to say, I do try one on and barely leave the changing room to fits of laughter from my friend. Was it actually that bad.  I guess we will never know.

How many of us have bought various bits and pieces, items of clothing that somehow suit the ‘holiday surrounds’ but as sure as we get them back home – it is a different story.  Thailand is full of all that is cheap and cheerful.  Anyone who has been here will know what its like.  To add insult to injury, we all can’t wait to barter down the price, and feel as though we are really getting a bargain… one we may never wear and/or use again.

I am very briefly tempted to buy a ‘knock’off’ Tiffany bracelet or Chanel bangle, but I just can’t bring myself to make the purchase. It just doesn’t feel right and I’ll know its a fake and when asked, will have to admit the truth. Saying that, we got lured, while at Patong into a secret room, where we were locked in with about 100 fake handbags of every ‘label’ imaginable.  All that fake in one place is enough to turn anyone off.  We got out safely with no long lasting repercussions or any extra bags!!

I’ve decided I’m better off to enjoy the other side to Phuket, being the beautiful beaches, the elephant riding (which was fabulous) and relaxing enjoying the scenery and culture that is picture perfect Thailand. Not every holiday need be about shopping (did I actually say that).

My time in Thailand has been more about reading some fabulous books including Pride and  Prejudice and Super Freak-economics (will review for you in my next blog). Most of you will have heard of the first book, but possibly not the second;  fighting the mammoth surf when attempting to swim in the sea, which is incredibly warm and tiki-touring in a tuk-tuk.  Special mention goes to Guerlain (well that’s what we thought her name was) our wonderful elephant, who took us for an adventure through the jungle.  She was a feisty wee thing (well not that little) but such a lady.

Yellow Tulip

p.s. great to hear that so many of you went off to visit Glassons and got some great buys after reading my first blog.

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