My light bulb moment

Sometimes you wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner!!

I like shoes.  Well I love shoes and everyone knows this. However I have always struggled trying to keep some shoes on my feet.  Whether it be open or closed toe shoes – unless there is an ankle strap or buckle, I am often leaving my shoes behind me when I start walking – or the other option is to somehow clench my toes, inside my shoes – trying to get my foot to stay rather than stray.

I had already sold a number of pairs of shoes that I couldn’t keep on, and was in the throes of offering my latest pair (that I absolutely love) but keep falling out of, to a friend when I had a “light bulb moment” and thought I have just figured out how to keep these shoes on my skinny long brown feet.

I went and bought some shoelaces in various colours and lengths, and decided to use these to attach the shoes to my feet and artistically draped the laces around and up my legs and you wouldn’t believe it.  Not only did my shoes look completely different, but they fitted perfectly.  My only issue being me having to untie my feet from my shoes in order to drive, which I thought was a small sacrifice.

So the next thing for me to do, is go shoe shopping and replenish all the shoes I decided to sell that I couldn’t keep on my feet.  Why didn’t I think of this solution earlier!


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4 Comments on My light bulb moment

  1. Great idea.. I love those pink laces and you are right, it completely creates a new look!

  2. a new fashion trend! and so much safer than superglue…

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