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With the best intentions in the world, I leave the house armed with my list of presents that I need to buy. What doesn’t help my cause is the fact that I am lucky enough to have 5 friends/family with birthdays this week. There is the temptation of course to buy just 1 gift for each of them and say this is your combined birthday and christmas present (but it is not their fault they were born at the wrong time of the year.)

Venturing onto the streets doesn’t start well when I spy the 30% off this weekend only at General Issue in Newmarket (I just love their tee shirts) – normally $49.95 each. Even better still buy 2 for $50.00!!  If you want a good quality cotton tee or a light-weight long-sleeved version then this is the place to go.  The tees come in a variety of colours, although I have to say that I didn’t see any in black.  They do come heavily branded, so if you were just wanting a plain tee, then I would say head off to Glassons or Max.

MIMCO was my next stop – 25% off everything in store.  Although I do find their bags relatively expensive for what they are (if you can get them on sale you can find a good buy).  Their range of accessories is fabulous – particularly hair accessories although a little glitzy for me it has to be said.  Little purses to hold make-up/credit-cards etc could be great stocking fillers.

While wandering the streets I receive a text from NIKE Platinum offering $20.00 off my next purchase over $100.00 before 24 December.  I always need gym gear.  It’s the one thing I use in my wardrobe often.  Should I just pop in while out.  Hang on, it’s not about me today it’s about my poor 5 friends who at this stage have no birthday or christmas gifts yet.

The day doesn’t get any easier with Witchery and Max also offering good discounts on their current summer range and sale stock.  However my day is complete to hear that Zambesi (my ultimate shopping experience) is also on sale.  Unlike all the other stores, I can resist the temptation but when it comes to Zambesi there is no stopping me.  I am on a mission and know that it will be highly unlikely I will leave the store without buying something.  My friends will just have to wait ….. there is always tomorrow to shop for them!







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