NZ summer of style 2012 – creative, colourful, vibrant

Well, here we are at NZ Fashion Week 2011 Designer Selection Show looking to be wowed and inspired for the spring/summer season ahead.

Fashion Week 2011

The runway

There is a definite buzz in the air and I am sure many of the guests are very excited to see both the summer ranges about to hit the stores and a sneak preview of the winter looks for 2012.  On taking my seat in the front row, I notice the audience is very staid, with very little fashion sense. The odd colour but mostly black (our favourite colour of choice it would appear) occupied the majority of the seats.  Perhaps most have come directly from work – as there is a definite theme of work attire.

Fashion Week 2011

A very nice Cherry Ripe Cadbury chocolate bar was sitting on our seats waiting for us. Many must have been hungry, as lots were eating them, while chatting to friends before show-time.  You could count on one hand the number of males who came along for the night.  Am sure most couldn’t have been straight – but you just never know.  The surprise of the night was guessing how much the goody bag weighed.  It felt like a tonne.  On dragging the bag home with me, I wasn’t surprised to find it weighed 5 kg’s.  But what was in it you ask? 3 or was it 4 magazines plus a bottle of mineral water was always going to weigh it down. The usual smattering of samples including body wash, hair removal cream, nail clippers, and vitamins plus facial wipes and toothpaste meant the goody bag could literally turn into an emergency over-night kit. Oh and I forgot to mention the socks and coffee… what more could a girl need?


The fashion show came and went in the blink of an eye.  So what caught my eye? Stolen Girlfriends Club had a beautiful botanical themed print dress that opened the designer show and looked stunning.  Check out

Roman Sandals

My fashion friend commented on the fusion of colour namely orange tones that lit up the catwalk.  Her favourite designer was Neverblack and she fell in love with all the garments that she saw.  Check out their website being  She was also quite taken with the pretty cream and black dress, with a little edge to it, perfect for after-work drinks.

Some light relief came in the distraction of the Jockey underwear label – with boys walking past in their underwear (with little left to the imagination).  Photos can be provided.

Another favourite designer of mine was MisteR. To be honest, I’d never heard of them until tonight.  They displayed a unique retro look all of their own that had definite English charm about it.  Some of the fabric looked like lovely wallpaper designs gracing down the catwalk.  It was refreshing to see and really displayed a distinct difference to the other outfits shown on the night.  It reminded me a little of Madmen and looked ever so well-tailored.   I’m definitely going to check out their web-site at


I wasn’t too thrilled at the ensemble of wedding dresses on offer.  Perhaps it was just me, but I felt they seemed a little too old-fashioned and seemed a little ill-fitting on the models.

I was reminded of my childhood with Ruby sending their models down the catwalk in roman sandals and socks.  Am not sure I want to go back that far in time though.  Surely there are better offerings for sandals than the good old roman!

For those that love colour – you haven’t been forgotten.  It was beautifully splashed through many of the ranges showing

The great thing about fashion for 2012 is really that anything goes. It’s a matter of picking the style that suits you and owning it.  I was really impressed with the new talent coming that held their own against the more well-known designers including Trelise Cooper, WORLD and Annah Stretton.

We definitely have a lot of talent and plenty of choice for where to shop in Auckland and through-out NZ.

So what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present, than to start planning your spring/summer wardrobe after seeing the lovely offerings that will be gracing our stores.

Fashion in NZ is hard to beat.

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6 Comments on NZ summer of style 2012 – creative, colourful, vibrant

  1. Hi love the fashion week update. Very helpful to know who the new talent is – will certainly have look on the web and check them out.

  2. Great posting. Roman’s? Everything seems to come back in to fashion. We’ve got some great designers in NZ, but why do we all stick with the safety of black all the time? Can we get away from black?

  3. awesome post. i didnt go to the designer selection show but i went to afew others. i had front row seats for the weddings show!


    shop style conquer

  4. Excellent review. Great to have found your Yellow Tulip Blog

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